Welcome to Flora Menace Mode. Download BGMI now!

Welcome India, to 1.6.0 replace of Battlegrounds, at once serviced through KRAFTON. The exciting Flora Menace mode is here, and so is the Royal Pass Month in a manufacturer new nation and we hear something’s cooking from the Chef over there! There are lots of activities ready for you, and a hazard to win some magnificent rewards.

So what are you ready for? Call you pals and bounce into the battlegrounds today! You can go solo, or you can crew up with your buddies to reply the name of responsibility and take your enemies head on.


We are introducing some Flora Menace taste into the gameplay and new Royale Pass this update, and we can’t wait for you to ride the all new Battlegrounds!

Introducing Flora Menace Theme Mode which will be reachable on Erangel at launch, and extend to Livik and Sanhok later in the month. Flora Menace have invaded components of Erangel, developing lifestyles boundaries to regen fitness and spawning nano cores to loot. The all new Cell Matrix will solely be accessible on Erangel, which approves for a moshpit for you to go in opposition to your enemies and take them out! Once three revives are over, you’re landed again into your preferred battlegrounds.

We additionally have a load of all new events, along with Moon Rabbit missions and up-coming Dusserha activities with a wonderful range of rewards on offer.

What’s more, many extra thrilling modes will be coming!


Set in a digital world, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is a new fighting royale sport the place a couple of gamers rent techniques to combat and be the remaining man standing on the battlegrounds. A free to play, multiplayer experience, in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, gamers can combat it out in numerous recreation modes along with Flora Menace which can be squad based totally or solo.

Featuring numerous maps with unique terrains on a digital setting, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, makes use of the full competencies of Unreal Engine four to carry alive tremendous worlds augmented via 3D sound, to construct a in reality immersive ride on a cellular phone. Pick your map and mode that fits you and get set for a interesting ride.

More than pure combat, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA the free to play new game, is additionally a war of wits, as you enhance techniques to take on your enemies in a hostilities royale mode or a free hearth combat or even a one-one TDM. Are you up for the challenge?

With particular month-to-month new content material updates, and world-class collaborations, there is usually some thing to seem to be ahead to in this hostilities royale game. As we development down the calendar, we will hear greater and extra comments from you, and we will work with companions and deliver interesting new collaborations your way.

Are you prepared to trip #IndiaKaBattlegrounds? #BATTLEGROUNDSMOBILEINDIA

Requires a secure web connection.

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA minimal gadget requirements: Above iPhone 6S, iOS 9.0 or high. For older iOS devices, we propose updating to iOS15 to have a easy gameplay experience.


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