Crafting a WooCommerce Google Shopping Campaign – Easily and Quickly

WooCommerce Google Shopping Campaign

For online retailers and sellers, WooCommerce Google Shopping has become a go-to destination for promoting their products. With Google Shopping, you can feature your merchandise with extensive information without incurring any expense, compared to regular text-based advertisements. To get the most out of it, you require Google Shopping WordPress and its tools.

When starting a business from the ground up, it’s clear that instant recognition won’t be achieved – no matter how superior your products are. In many cases, it can take a long time to compete with other businesses and climb to the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

However, that is not a sure thing either. If the appropriate item info is not utilized correctly in a feed for Google Shopping, it could have a negative impact on your online presence. Therefore, we will show you how the Google product feed from WooCommerce can increase your online visibility and generate more leads. To get the most out of this guide, please read to the end.

Believe me; you will benefit greatly from this since we have yet to uncover a straightforward and convenient means of loading your product feed into Google Shopping within a short time. Our secret approach will augment your use of Google Shopping WordPress in a very discreet manner.

Are you aware???

  • Google and Amazon make up the majority of product searches online, accounting for 85% of all searches.
  • Of those customers intending to buy something, 4 out of 5 visit either Google or Amazon.
  • US retailers spent 76.4% of their total online retail search ad budget on Google Shopping.
  • This resulted in a 97.9% successful click rate for Google Shopping.
  • Mobile device clicks accounted for 65% of Google search result clicks.
  • In 2019, Google Shopping experienced a considerable 41% increase in spending compared to the previous year.
  • Google Shopping (63%) was visited four times more than Amazon (15%), YouTube (9%), and Bing (6%) due to click-on-search campaigns.
  • Arcadia reported that brands investing in Google Shopping saw a 458% increase in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).
  • Additionally, sales rose by 102% and the lead conversion rate also experienced a 140% rise when using Google Shopping Campaigns.

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What is the Process of Linking Google Shopping to a WooCommerce Store?

woocommerce google shopping
woocommerce google shopping

For those who have an online store and have set up their website with WooCommerce, they can benefit from it. It is possible to showcase their goods on Google Shopping at no cost. A list of the said shopping items will be displayed when a certain product is searched.

The Google search results feature the item’s cost, title, and other details either at the beginning or on the right-hand side of the page.

An image showing the appearance of Google Shopping when used with WooCommerce is displayed below.

By utilizing the Shopping option, your customers can access listings with extra filtering and additional options.

An illustration of the primary shopping options available on Google Shopping is displayed below:

The Sponsored listings at the top of the page are the result of online sellers who are investing heavily in advertising their merchandise, which then pushes the free product listings further down.

The product-information campaign technique allows for free-listing ads to be placed at any point, whether it is in the start, center, or end, without incurring any additional expenses.

The Process of Tracking Down an Online Store Is Three Times Simpler

When customers are making their search, it is not the size of the store that matters to them; rather, they are more concerned with finding the right product. This is where Google Shopping benefits them: with one click, they can access your website and gain plenty of information about the store.

The store has set up its merchandise by category, which may cause you to purchase more than one item – even if you initially came in intending to buy only one.

In contrast to other well-known platforms that employ keywords or SEO keywords to rank products, Google Shopping offers a different approach. It helps search for products and list them on the customers’ platform based on how relevant the search query is.

In order to achieve this, the products in your WooCommerce store must possess some distinct characteristics that will be reflected in the WooCommerce Google shopping feed created for your store. This will increase the chances of your store being visible on Google as you are promoting it for free. Therefore, the details provided by you must please Google for them to give the green light.

We will systematically address each point, including the complimentary campaign initiation. Please be patient.

Understanding How a Product Feed Functions and What It Is

A product feed is a file with vital product data, such as Identification, Title, Description, and Image, in XML, CSV, or TXT format. This info will vary depending on the channel since each has its own required attributes. If the product lacks this information, it may not generate any positive result or return on investment. Similarly, Google has distinct features of its own.

Your products can be listed using CSV, TXT, or XML Product feed files. When striving to become a successful e-commerce business owner, it is important to make sure your products are visible on the most well-known and reliable channels, such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Nevertheless, you may not have any budget or just a limited one for those channels’ ads. In order to rank them into those channels, you must supply the necessary data of your products. Particularly for a free listing on Google, you have to include all essential product information in your WooCommerce product feed. Remember; a properly optimized product feed is a sign of how well your products will be displayed in the listings.

The success of your WooCommerce Google Shopping campaign is highly dependent on the quality of the product information you provide. It is therefore essential that you make your product feed as thorough as it can be if you are aiming for a gratis campaign.

You have the option of employing an unrefined product feed that does not include the necessary data that channels require. However, is it worth the danger of having your feed be refused by the channels?

Do you agree? I certainly do. It is important to bear in mind that you are not the only one who is attempting to transform their visitors into customers; there are other contenders as well. These could be either a larger business than yours or be on the same level.

If you notice that a company of similar size to your own is receiving twice the amount of recognition, something is likely amiss. This could be because you have not been taking your product’s promotion seriously or it could be that your competitors are using their resources effectively.

You can use your product feed in three distinct ways, but none of them are sure to bring the same level of success.

  • Manual Product Feeds: If you’re new to e-commerce and have a limited number of products, you can use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to create a WooCommerce Google feed. However, this can be a tiresome and laborious procedure. Any changes to your products will require you to modify them in the spreadsheet and update them instantly. This is one of the drawbacks of not taking advantage of the more advanced Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin.

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  • Product Feeds via Content API : This is not a novel approach for inputting your product details. Platforms such as Bigcommerce, 3dcart, Shopify, and Volusion have apps to directly interconnect an ecommerce store with their channels. The fastest and easiest connection to your store – let this API product feed be your daily go-to .

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For large online retailers, this can be quite productive; however, it keeps you from being able to directly upload a live feed. Any personalization or optimization you make cannot be immediately sent to the channels, as you need to establish a different API link for this. Thus, the content you upload to the channels will be in the exact same format as it is in your store.

Making modifications to the feed afterwards won’t alter the connection between the feed and the channels. To do this, one must create separate software for each channel, which is arduous and uses up a lot of resources.

  • Automation of Product Feeds is a great way to make sure your eCommerce store is up-to-date. With the help of several plugins, you can create the perfect free marketing campaign for your WooCommerce Google Shopping. A similar result can be obtained when uploading the product feed to multiple channels. This particular technique is especially efficient for larger stores that have a lot of variable items with distinct SKUs.

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Google utilizes a process called ” Website Crawl ” that allows them to access the structured data and sitemap embedded into the feed. This means that any recent updates or alterations to your product data will be automatically updated in the feed, sparing you the effort and time to keep it up-to-date while letting you focus more on marketing. We will soon unveil the plugin for the automation process.

Strategies to Enhance Performance on Google Shopping Ads

For an exceptional product feed, you must stick to the Google Product data specification. This guideline will furnish you with the information needed for uploading to the Google Merchant Center – the only Google program to present your product information in Google Shopping based on the product feed you generate.

It is important to note that if the attributes needed are not set correctly, it could result in a failed conversion rate on Google Shopping. This is because of either not having relevant keywords or not bidding competitively.

It is Crucial to Possess These Attributes

  • Name of the Item
  • A Graphical Representation
  • Cost
  • Another Representation of the Product

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When potential customers perform a search for something like T-shirts, they will be presented with a vast array of results. It is the job of the product title to make sure the customer is drawn in and to narrow down the list. An example of this could be searching for a Red Summer t-shirt to further refine the list. Making sure the product title is well-crafted and enticing is the first thing that will make an impression on the customer.

Consequently, selecting a title that meets the customers’ needs is essential; however, it mustn’t exceed 150 characters, as Google requires. Our Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin can help you to extend your title if necessary.

Maintaining the customer’s focus is the next step. To do this, use an image that is clear and without any dark shades. Preferably, use a transparent background with a lighter tone. Including multiple images of the same product from various perspectives can improve the customer’s reliability and, as a result, enhance the overall WooCommerce Google Shopping experience.

The cost is a major factor in maintaining the attention of customers. Thus, if you can provide more information about the pricing, including deals and regular costs, the easier it is for customers to decide whether or not they are interested in the product. The purpose of including the price is to give an overview of the item and keep customers informed.

Other Qualifications Necessary to be Listed

  • Identifier
  • Explanation
  • Hyperlink
  • Availability Status
  • Order Date (if the availability is set to pre-order or back-order)
  • Cost
  • Brand (not relevant to books, movies, music)
  • GTIN (when the manufacturer assigns one)
  • MPN (where there is no GTIN)
  • State (if the item is new or refurbished)
  • Mature (when the product is intended for adult use only)
  • Group Pack (for improved free listing)
  • Bundle (if free listing is enhanced)
  • Age Group (for specific countries)
  • Color
  • Gender
  • Material (to differentiate between various products)
  • Pattern
  • Dimensions
  • Group Item ID
  • Delivery (when delivery charges are applicable, if not already listed in Merchant Center)

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The Possibilities & Limitations:

  • Keep product feed information current
  • Avoid using keyword stuffing or industry-specific language
  • Images should accurately reflect the product
  • Ensure product-related information is accurate and up-to-date
  • Include multiple images and fill in all mandatory fields for product listing
  • Ensure description and title are grammatically correct
  • Comply with Google Merchant Center specifications when using WooCommerce Google feed
  • The same applies to any type of Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin

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What Benefits Does WooCommerce Google Shopping Ads Offer to a Company’s Online Presence?

Promotional Visuals Outperform Text-Based Advertising

It is true that customers appreciate being able to view and imagine the product before they purchase it since refunding or returning online-based products is often difficult. The visuals that appear on Google are especially beneficial since they are usually accompanied with pictures, models, ratings, and reviews, which give customers a better understanding of what the product looks like and what its features are – something that text-based ads do not contain.

Using words alone, it is difficult to get an audience to click or visit a website. Unless the product in question appears on Google Search, the seller is likely to lose potential customers’ engagement.

It can be agreed that the actual items such as shoes, clothing or electronics may not be exactly like what is presented in the advertisement. This is why Google Shopping is the optimal choice for convenient shopping, just a click away. We recently discovered that it is beneficial to have knowledge on how Google Shopping ads surpass text-based ads. Although we are discussing the free campaign of Google Shopping, this knowledge may be advantageous.

It is clear why one would want to strengthen their free campaign – it can be just as effective as a paid campaign if it is used correctly with the Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin. To give an example of the difference in effectiveness, let us compare the traditional ad spending and its clicking rate with Google shopping ads and their clicking rate in the US and UK.

This image demonstrates the comparison between Google Shopping and Text Ads in the United States.

From the chart, it is evident that the US allocates 76.4% of its budget towards Google Ads, resulting in 85.3% clicks. However, the clicks from text ads are not as high as the spending for them is three times lower than that for Google Ads.

The following image demonstrates a comparison of Google Shopping and Text Ads spending to Click-Through Rate (CTR) in the United Kingdom:

In the UK, it is evident that more money is spent on Google ads than text ads, and this is reflected in the click rate, which is 87.9%. This emphasizes the importance of having visually appealing ads rather than just text-based ones.

Having Qualified Prospects Boosts the Number of Visitors to Your Website

Information such as photographs, additional images, evaluations, and more, are all collected from the WooCommerce Google shopping feed by Google Shopping, making it convenient for customers to access all the information they need in one place, making it unnecessary for them to search other websites.

Consequently, by increasing your click-through rate by two or three times, the traffic to your page will increase and the rate at which users leave your website will decrease.

When the choice to proceed with your product is established, customers will be more apt to access your online store website. This is beneficial to you as these customers will become your long-term customers from this point forward and won’t need any encouragement by means of paid Google Ads.

Without a paid promotional campaign, your free approach will fail to work. Additionally, the lack of access to the Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin will result in the disappearance of your search results.

Google Shopping that provides an extensive amount of details

Make Shopping Easier With the Aid of WooCommerce Google Feed

A user-friendly title, a straightforward keyword with no overcrowding, a concise yet captivating description, colorful and eye-catching images – all these elements can make it easy for users to find your online store without the need to search any further. Bear in mind, unless you are well-known, no one knows you or your website. Thus, the only means of getting noticed by customers is to advertise your products using the above formula to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

The final or long-term effect you have on your customers is crucial. Adhering to the guidelines provided by Google Product Data Specification can help you raise your search engine visibility. Your visitors could turn into loyal clients, giving you the opportunity to increase your product sales.

Ease of Discovery Enhances with Minimal Oversight

Many people detest online text ad campaigns due to the need for in-depth SEO keyword research. Furthermore, there is the potential for keyword stuffing and the ever-changing difficulty and competition level. To guarantee that customers see the ad, it is necessary to constantly monitor the chosen keyword.

For your ad campaign to be successful, it’s essential to have an SEO-enhanced landing page, images, an analysis of the competition, and a thorough description of the product that will appear in the search results. Furthermore, when you set up a WooCommerce Google feed, it will make it easier for potential customers to access the product by using the words or phrases they might be searching for.

Google will identify and scan the item that customers are seeking, and will direct them to your product if it matches the criteria of the search query. It is convenient to administer with no encumbrance.

A Plugin To Aid Quick Upload On Google Shopping Through WooCommerce

The introduction of several plugins have made the procedure of uploading a WooCommerce Google product feed a piece of cake. If you are running a website with lots of merchandise, manually entering all the product details could be very laborious and would necessitate consistent effort.

Google Shopping requires only a bit of data to get the most suitable outcomes, regardless of it being a paid or unpaid campaign. As such, these plugins provide a great deal of help in reducing the workload.

A majority of these plugins are free, but there are some that come with a cost. Nevertheless, the majority of the free plugins are capable of performing various tasks, such as connecting your WooCommerce store to Google, Facebook, Bing, Pinterest, and many more, as well as uploading thousands of products. Furthermore, paid plugins offer additional characteristics that could restrict your ability to explore other options.

CTX Feed Pro is one of the most popular plugins. The free version is particularly successful with 2M downloads, despite the pro version being suggested for purchase in order to access all its features.

In just a few minutes, CTX Feed can provide you with a great upload experience that you won’t find with other plugins. I’m sure you’re getting creative ideas.

What Are The Steps Involved in Setting Up Google Merchant Center?

The goal of employing the Google Merchant Center is to make contact with purchasers – your desired demographic – with a single press of a button through a Google Ad, powered by the WooCommerce Google Shopping feed. These people have already determined to purchase your products and are in the concluding stage of their buying trail.

Therefore, by using Google Merchant Center you are able to upload your WooCommerce Google feed and target specific audiences. This means that any feed uploaded to the Merchant Center will be visible in the ad sections, and those searching for products in that category can easily find them.

Your e-commerce venture is likely to benefit greatly and grow rapidly, developing a long-term committed customer base. Google Merchant is used to modify your Google ads since it can fix any mistakes you make. The fewer errors in the feed, the higher the chance of appearing at the top of the Google Ads.

Steps Involved in Joining Up

  • Now, we’ll talk about how to configure your Google Merchant Center. If you possess a personal, official, or store-based Gmail account, you can log into Merchant Center with ease. To begin, open the Google search engine and type in “Google Merchant Center” and select the first result. Then, click ” Get Started.”
  • When you click on the tab, you will be prompted to enter your Gmail login information. If you do not have an account yet, you must open one and choose the desired username.

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  • When building your online store, you must provide all the necessary business details. Keep in mind that the name of your store will be the same as your business name, and the country where your business will be based should be selected.
  • If you scroll along the same page, you will come across a selection of channels; this will help you to get your product ads on the right platform. Select On Google if you wish for your ads to be displayed on Google Shopping.

The following image shows the Google Merchant Center, which is exclusively for Google, as it relates to WooCommerce Google Shopping.

  • It is entirely your choice whether or not to take advantage of options such as promotional offers or invitations to test new features – these are not mandatory and you can make adjustments to them at a later time.
  • After selecting the option to consent to the Google Merchant Center, you have completed the necessary steps to upload your WooCommerce Google Shopping feed.

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Aspects To Take Into Account Prior To Generating A WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed

Including your product in the feed can be done manually or with the assistance of a Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin. When doing so, you will need to provide certain information that corresponds to the information in the product feed. Therefore, you must ensure that the WooCommerce product fields match the product feed information.

Failure to comply could result in Google revoking your Merchant Center account; this also applies to general use of the Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin, as it incorporates all of the parameters which Google Shopping necessitates.

Therefore, it is recommended to examine your website with regard to the Google Product guidelines to get the best optimization possible.

Revolutionary Plugin From CTX Feed For Google Shopping Via WooCommerce

The time has come to reveal the highly-anticipated CTX Feed plugin. It stands out from the competition by giving users the ability to generate a WooCommerce Google Shopping product feed, specifically designed with the Google Merchant Centre in mind. This Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin also comes with an entire set of essential Google attributes.

It is a tedious process to add each item to a product feed and particularly when the destination is Google Merchant Center, where a single mistake can cost you the visibility of your merchandise in Google Shopping. Additionally, all the products must be grouped properly into the right categories or else they will be scattered and may cause confusion for the customers.

By knowing the proper way to input items, you can avoid issues such as blank titles, descriptions, links, and images. CTX Feed makes it simple to include numerous items in a brief amount of time. It fulfills the needs of your preferred platforms, like Google, Bing, Pinterest catalog, Facebook catalog, and PriceSpy, just to name a few.

The process of configuring your feed is made much easier due to the fact that the criteria for each platform has already been included in CTX Feed. This tool is widely used by the digital online store, with over 30,000 active users. It offers a variety of features to help you validate your WooCommerce Google Shopping feed. Let’s explore its unique features in more depth.


  • A cutting-edge plugin with the capability to include a large number of products in one go

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  • It quickly executes the cron job for instantaneous product updates – this job enables the items to be refreshed every 1,6,12,24 hours or in a span of one week.

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  • With the Pro Version, you can stay on top of the latest information as the system provides updates at 5, 15, and 30-minute intervals.

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  • Your shopping platform can benefit from hundreds of existing channels, for example Facebook, Bing, Snapchat, Yahoo, Shopzilla, etc.

A different way of expressing the same concept is to state that any reproduction of someone else’s work without permission or proper attribution is known as plagiarism. It can be avoided by ensuring that all content used is properly credited to its original creator.

  • No longer restricted to a certain geographic area when selecting a country to establish a business.

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  • The Pro Version of the custom template offers the possibility to manually add attributes of your choice, so you can create a personalized template.

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The incorporation of technology into the classroom is generally acknowledged as a means to enhance the educational experience. It is considered a valuable asset that can upgrade teaching and learning. Numerous educators believe that the integration of technology in the classroom can make instruction more captivating, successful, and available to students.

  • To customize your feed for the Merchant Center, you can opt for one of the five feed type extensions: XML, CSV, TSV, XLS, and TXT.

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  • A feature that is special to this system is Attribute Mapping, which improves the accuracy of searches by establishing attributes such as gender, brand, season, and color.

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  • With CTX Feed, you can utilize a Smart Filter option to sort through products with missing titles, descriptions, or other important info.

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  • The ADVANCED FILTER is a proficient and powerful feature that shows items that satisfy the criteria specified in the Filter option.

Utilizing different sentence structures while preserving the semantic meaning can help eliminate plagiarism. To this end, transforming the structure of the text without altering its context and meaning can be done to achieve this aim.

  • Utilizing CTX Feed for WooCommerce Google Shopping, you can quickly upload thousands of items and their individual IDs with just a click.

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  • You don’t have to put in any extra effort for tax and shipping cost. The CTX Feed is capable of taking care of any shipping or tax cost from country to state-wise into your feed. Learn how to configure tax and shipping attributes by watching the videos.

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  • The standards put in place by Dynamic Attribute play a role in the worth of your products, particularly when they have distinctions.

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  • CTX Feed supports multilingual plugins such as WPML, PolyLang & TranslatePress, providing an ideal foreign online store atmosphere with languages like English, German and French, among others. To learn more, watch the following video.

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  • You can use the WOOCS multicurrency plugin to show your WooCommerce store products in different currencies like EUR. To learn more about the multicurrency setting, watch the video provided by Aelia.

It is possible to avoid plagiarism by structuring the text differently while still keeping the same context and semantic meaning. This can be achieved by altering the way the words are arranged without changing the actual content.

  • Dokan plugin has made it much simpler to create product feeds for one or more vendors.

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We are close to having a product feed for WooCommerce Google Shopping, something that you have been eagerly awaiting. But, we must not underestimate the importance of properly detailing the information before going ahead.

What Is The Easiest Way To Generate A Google Product Feed Using CTX Feed?

I am confident that our data will provide you with an understanding of how Google Shopping functions when a ready-made product feed plugin is employed. Failing to do so could lead to a disastrous shopping ad campaign as well as a suspension of your Merchant account.

In our prior conversation, we went over the steps for establishing a Merchant account. Now, it’s time to take a look at the CTX feed, a WooCommerce product feed generator. Remember, it is essential to be honest in regards to any product-related details while creating the feed, and do not attempt to employ any bait-and-switch tactics to keep customers at your online store.

The feed content you submit needs to align with your product goals. Building a feed for Google Shopping is not just about talking the talk, but also walking the walk. To help you accomplish this, this WooCommerce plugin will guide you through the process of crafting the ideal feed for Google Shopping.

Generating a Compilation of Items for Google Shopping with WordPress

  • To begin, log into your WordPress site and navigate to Plugins > Add New. In the search box, type in CTX Feed and click the Install Now button.

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  • Installing will result in an Activate button replacing the Install Now button. Press it to turn it on.

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  • On the left sidebar of WordPress, you should be able to spot the CTX Feed plugin. To begin, just click CTX Feed > New Feed.

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  • Here, you need to opt for Content Settings and choose from the template category to the template format. You will see some necessary options, like Country, Language, Currency, and variations format. If you are creating a WooCommerce Google Shopping feed, then select Google Shopping as your template.

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There are only three supported file format types, XML , CSV , and TXT , that Google Shopping allows. The Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin, such as CTX Feed, saves you time and effort by automatically populating what is required by Google, instead of having to do it manually.

By hovering your cursor in the right-hand sidebar, you have access to the resources you need. Our engineering team has created a video tutorial for you to view or you can opt to go through the documentation to save time.

  • The FEED CONFIG option on the same page provides you with a list of attributes created by Google. You do not have to pick all of them; however, the more you choose, the more likely your products will appear on the advertisement.

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When organizing your priorities, make sure to include Title, Description, Category, Image, Additional Images for variable products, MPN, GTIN, URL, Brand, Stock availability, Price, Sale Price, Tax, and Shipping.

For more information, take a look at the comprehensive guide on WooCommerce GTIN found here.

Your mission is to input their Value, Prefix, and Suffix. Type like Pattern/Static will maintain the identical value for all products, while Attribute type offers an opportunity to select the individual value for every product. Output Type offers options like whether the values emerge as an integer, rounded figure, free of Strip Tags, CDATA, and so on.

An instance of a useful application is CDATA, which is beneficial in circumventing the possibility of having any same words in the product description box that can cause XML error. Selecting CDATA will activate the use of the following element.

** g:description> ![CDATA[ description] ]> /g:description>** If you are unfamiliar with Prefix, Suffix, Value, or Output type, further information can be found by visiting the documentation.

Use the FILTER tab to decide whether to include or exclude Out of Stock Products, Backorder Products, Empty Prices or Image Products, etc. Then, press the Update and Generate Feed button to generate the feed. Certain features are only available to Pro users. It is encouraged to read the CTX Feed Free vs Pro features to understand if there are any changes needed to be made by utilizing this excellent Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin.

  • The Manage Feed option will now display your feed, including its name and URL. Beside the URL are a few choices, such as View, Regenerate, Download, Export Feed Config, and Download Feed Log. If you select the URL, it will be copied automatically.

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Maintain a copy of this link for when you transfer it to the Google Merchant Center. It won’t take too much time, and you will soon perceive how the Merchant Center will notably better your WooCommerce Google Shopping promotion experience.

What is the Process for Generating Product Feeds in Google Merchant Center?

It’s time to complete the final stage of the process, known as the Google Merchant Center, to make your dream of displaying your products through Google Ads a reality. We already showed you how to sign up; now it’s time to pick up where we left off.

It is important to remember that if the Merchant platform finds your feed meets the specifications, it will be approved. Otherwise, you will be provided feedback about any mistakes you have made so that you can go back and update your WooCommerce product on WordPress. Furthermore, the Merchant center will not accept the WooCommerce Google feed if it is not fixed.

If you want to learn how to use your feed to optimise your WooCommerce Google Shopping, let us take you on a journey.

Utilizing the CTX Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin for Food Processing

  • Access your Google Merchant account using the same Google account you used to create your feed, then click on the “Products” tab.

It is possible to avoid plagiarism by restructuring text without compromising the context or meaning. To do this, the sentences should be reworked while still maintaining the same original message.

  • You will be presented with two choices; the first option entails uploading a single item, while the second choice is more popular among e-commerce proprietors and allows for the uploading of multiple items at once.

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  • Select the option to “View all techniques.

Rather than simply copying, one can avoid plagiarism by altering the structure of the text without changing the context and meaning. Keeping the same semantics and context intact, one can reword the text in order to make it original.

When a new window appears, you will be asked to provide certain aspects of your business, such as the Country of sale and Language. It is necessary to take your time in selecting the right Country and language, since your online presence will be significantly influenced by this choice.

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At this point, we are not investing any money in the ad campaign, so we should select the Free listings option and leave the Shopping ads blank. Once done, press “Continue“.

  • On the following page, you will be prompted for a feed name. It is important to choose a consistent name for the feed that is the same as the name in the CTX Feed. You will have four options to choose from; to help you decide, it is useful to have an understanding of their intended purpose.

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  1. Google Sheets: All products and their associated characteristics that are needed for Google Shopping should be listed in a Google Sheets document.
  2. Scheduled fetch: A link to the feed created in your plugin should be supplied so that any alterations to WooCommerce products will cause the feed file to be pulled into a Merchant Center.
  3. Upload: The feed file can be downloaded from the CTX Feed plugin and uploaded directly, yet this won’t be efficient if any changes are made to WooCommerce products.
  4. Content API: Google provides certain functions that connect the feed functions to allow for the listings to be automatically uploaded to be exposed in Shopping ads.

It can be said that the process of removing plagiarism involves altering the structure of a text without changing its overall meaning. This means keeping the original context and semantic understanding intact.

  • Taking the time to check the box for “Scheduled fetch” is beneficial as it will save your time and keep you informed of any updates or changes made to your WooCommerce. Press the “Continue” button.

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  • You should have copied a link of your feed file to CTX Feed > Manage Feed. If not, click it again to copy the URL and paste it in the ” File URL ” box. Don’t forget to name the feed the same as the original. Set the fetch time and interval for updates as desired. Finally, click ” Create feed.”

Instead of copying the text word for word, it is necessary to restructure the words to prevent any plagiarism. This can be done while still preserving the context and the meaning of the text.

  • If the time frame for your pre-established upload schedule doesn’t coincide with the moment you’d like your feed to be uploaded, there’s a convenient option in the top right corner labeled “Fetch Now“. By clicking this, you can cause the file to be sent right away.

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  • It is probable that your product information has already been displayed. It will indicate that the products are accepted if everything has been uploaded correctly. If not, the number of denied items will be denoted with a circle in the picture.

One potential solution to avoiding plagiarism is to alter the structure of the text without changing the semantic meaning. This could be done by simply rewriting the same ideas in a different way or by reorganizing the text to create a different flow. Doing this would ensure that the context remains the same while also preventing plagiarism.

  • The image below displays various items that have been denied and the causes for their rejection. Click on each issue to view what they are and the associated product ids.

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The error messages will indicate what errors various items have. These can encompass a variety of issues such as a lack of title, description, URL, invalid URL, broken links, and GTIN missingness.

It is very useful to identify the items that are causing issues in the product feed. To do this, you can take a look at the faulty item ids in the downloaded feed file. After that, you can search for those items by heading to Products > All Products. Then, you can solve the problems, update the feed file and re-fetch the file. This process will help you generate the product feed for WooCommerce Google Shopping.

It’s important not to overlook the video below for an in-depth look at product feed uploading procedures.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, our techniques for generating a feed with CTX Feed and incorporating it into the Google Merchant Center are now available to you. Although you could have gone without using plugins such as CTX Feed, you have saved a great deal of time by utilizing our methods.

The use of too many personnel to keep your merchandise and their relevant matters up to date is cost-prohibitive and impractical. Utilizing plugins to accomplish this may require an initial expenditure, yet it will save an immense amount of money in the long run.

Our technique and plugin guarantee that your product will receive the utmost attention. If you are a WooCommerce user, the CTX feed plugin is a must-have for anyone who utilizes Google Shopping WordPress.

In case you have any inquiries concerning this article and the utilization of CTX Feed for the most ideal WooCommerce Google Shopping experience, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our technical group will be glad to help you.

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